This is the site of André Spiegel, a programmer and writer living in New York City.

This blog is my primary medium for long-form writing. You will find articles about anything that interests me, whether it be technology or literature, programming or photography, politics or science. Other people may split themselves into multiple identities and keep separate blogs for each of them, trying not to confuse their readers with material they might not expect. I don’t do that, and I hope my readers can take it.

(Well, scratch that. I have another blog, fortlaufend, over at tumblr, in German.)

I am active on many other sites and services, most notably on Twitter (@drmirror). My tweet archive is online here on this site, and updated about once a month. I am also on Facebook. I also write at Techniktagebuch, a German technology blog.

Here’s my e-mail address: spiegel@drmirror.net and my phone number: (347)506-6772.

And this is my physical address:

André Spiegel
212 West 91st Street #1439
New York, NY 10024