Quo vadis, New York Times?

I am more than willing to pay for online news, but after many recent disappointments with the New York Times, I really doubt whether this is where my money should be going.

I was stunned by their behavior in the Wikileaks case, including but not limited to their reporting on Julian Assange, but also more recently their coverage of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Do I want a newspaper that only tells me what I already know, already think, or what I want to hear? No. I want to be challenged by the newspaper I am reading, forced to think out of the box, confronting views that may not be my own.

But more than anything, I want the newspaper that I read and pay for to stand for the essential values of journalism — independence from government, and critical rationality. I’m beginning to turn to the New York Times only when I want to see counter examples to these.

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